Nowadays, all kinds of games like adventure games, action games, strategy games, and slot games such as joker123 are available on smartphones. Despite this, some players prefer gaming devices. There is a wide variety of gaming consoles available in the market; here, I’ll be mentioning some of the best handheld retro consoles that you must be interested in.
GPD WIN 2Mini Laptop
It is considered to be the most powerful handheld available in the market. It’s sturdy and robust. It comes with 256GB SSD. But it is really expensive. At the same price, you can get desktop consoles that are more powerful.
It is a solid design console that is capable of running many powerful systems such as Dreamcast. Another benefit is that its android. It is also expensive, but the qualities it offers are worth the price. It only comes in black and isn’t available in pocket size.
RG350 Retro
It can emulate a lot of other gaming consoles. Its design is so good, and it’s powerful and affordable. It is available in many colors. Many users say that its menu is kind of ugly, though it performs its work properly. It cannot play N64 games yet.
RG350 with Metal Shell
The most noticeable thing about this console is that the metal shell seems more premium than the plastic version. It is said that it comes with almost 10,000 games and is considered the best emulator in the market. But it costs more than the previous plastic version.
Retro CM3
It features outstanding emulation and screen quality. The build quality is also amazing. It is highly customizable. But it’s very costly. The main problem that most of the players see in Retro CM3 is that the thumbstick isn’t concave.
Pandora Game S Station
It is a very well designed game console which plays up to Dreamcast. It comes in android, so it offers more features. But its price is far more than the essential features that it provides. Its screen is 3.5″ not big enough.
Retro Game Plus Console
It comes with an excellent analog stick. Its price is mid-range and affordable. With its excellent speakers, it offers a battery life of almost six hours. Though the emulation of PS1 isn’t perfect, and its 128 MB isn’t enough for anything higher than PS1.
These are some of the best handheld gaming consoles that you must try if you are a gamer.