SMS Marketing

Whether it is for providing flight change notifications, package delivery updates, or alerting consumers of fraudulent bank issues, SMS is being used across industries globally. One-third of all retailers are known to use SMS currently mostly for the purpose of customer service and we know that 76 percent of the clients globally are used to connecting with brands thanks to SMS marketing. Today, we find that more and more clients are looking for support via SMS because it is definitely more convenient as compared to getting tied to a computer or phone waiting endlessly for customer service. We know that almost 30 percent of customers are used to interacting with a brand through text messages.

SMS Marketing

As per, one of the major advantages of using SMS for customer service is the fact that text messages enjoy higher open and read rates as compared to emails and others. If you post on Twitter or Facebook, there is every chance that it will be overlooked by your followers and your post would be lost among numerous other posts. Moreover, marketing emails are hardly opened. SMS or text messages are read in a majority of cases making SMS marketing the direct and most reliable way of reaching your target audience.

If you are running a small business which provides a specialized service like a doctor’s office, a beauty salon, an auto repair shop or some other service-associated business, texting could be a good way of reducing missed appointments. You could send a simple SMS reminder about any upcoming appointment well in advance and that should prove to be helpful to your clients. This would certainly boost brand loyalty. You may follow expert SMS marketing tips for boosting your customer service endeavors.

Focus on Acting Globally

If you are a reputed global brand, your customer service strategy must not adopt a cookie-cutter approach that suits all locations. We know that WhatsApp is actually utilized by only 4 percent of all Chinese consumers while WeChat seems to be ubiquitous having 79 percent usage rate. In this context, we know that the SMS usage rate is 31 percent in the United States and phenomenally high 70 percent in nations like France. These variations are pointing out to you that the different locations of your global clients must necessarily influence the choice of technology and platforms, to be used effectively for communicating with them. While using SMS marketing strategy, customize your text messages and delivery timing according to specific locations. Seek professional assistance from expert services such as for SMS marketing solutions.

Initiate a Conversation

There is absolutely no doubt that mobile is dominating paid search scenario with almost 50 percent of search ad clicks actually coming from smartphones. There are millions of advertisers currently using Google AdWords and if you happen to be one of them, you now have access to an easy and novel way of talking to your clients who are call-phobic. You may set up the message extension to give your customers an easy way of texting you for initiating a conversation and continuing it whenever they find it convenient for them to do so. We understand that 64 percent of clients with texting capabilities actually would have a preference for using SMS over voice call as an effective customer service channel.

Follow Precisely Your Doctor’s Advice

Healthcare providers have currently embraced text messaging patients since it is easier and cheaper to automate as compared to telephone calls. Patients would like to receive messages or instructions from their doctors and healthcare providers via SMS. You could send your patients appointment reminders, daily health tips, and even alerts regarding an upcoming webinar, etc.

Know Your Customer’s Opinion

Most of the customers would never complain to you about where you had gone wrong. Instead, they would quietly leave if they have gone through a bad experience. This way, you would lose valuable business and loyal customers. It has been proved beyond doubt that SMS is an effective way of discovering exactly what your customers feel and thinks about your services. SMS feedback is a great way of garnering customer opinion and impression about your product or services. Moreover, by conducting follow-up surveys and SMS polls, your customers would be getting a neutral platform for telling you if they were satisfied with your service.

Focus on Segmentation of Audience

A lot of email marketing strategies are just as relevant now. There is very little point in blasting the same message to your entire audience. Targeted campaigns are the way to go, no matter what the medium. Personalized texts will resonate better with your audience and be more useful in the long run. By employing segmentation strategies, you can split your audience into groups based on age, interests, and many other factors. This, in turn, will help you tailor your approach towards each particular group, not only saving effort and time, but also ensuring better conversion rates.

You could also send out surveys for your audience to tell you if there are topics they are more interested in, how frequently they would like to hear from you, and what other preferences they might have. Relevance is the key in 2019 and the only businesses that will make it through successfully are the ones that adapt to the dynamic marketing landscape and adopt a more personalized approach to their strategies.

Organize Texting Contests

The engagement tactics that are popular on social media can just as easily be adapted to SMS as a platform. Engagement is still the #1 goal, and perhaps the best way to do so is to hold periodic contests that require visitors to send in a few messages to register themselves for receiving future marketing campaigns in exchange for a shot at a big prize. Done properly, these contests will not only attract new visitors to your business but also turn them into loyalists and advocates for your brand. The contests are fairly easy to organize and the returns are worth it.

Conclusion: Acknowledge the Rules

Ever since marketing has existed as an art, there have been those who have sullied its name by going overboard to exploit the very people they should be looking to win over. A clean SMS database is one that is opt-in and not opt-out. It is not only annoying but also illegal in many countries to send marketing messages to someone without their express consent. You must also never send promotional messages between 9 pm and 11 am, which means you should keep the time zones of your audience in mind before reaching out to them as well.