No doubt technology has turned the world into a small global village, but at the same time, there are many inventions which are considered disasters of history. Not all innovations done by scientists result in a good outcome. Many new technologies can bring the worst time to you. If you talk about technological advancement, which is considered a disaster, there’s a complete need to be taken into consideration.

No doubt, online gaming has brought us great benefits, but at the same time, many casino games are available out there in the digital market. Gambling games can make you forgetful of your responsibilities. You will also find ceme online in the list of those gambling sites.

If you are looking to get a complete idea about the worst technology inventions, you got the right place. Awe is going to help you out in knowing such creations. But for that, look at the exciting list below.
1. Ninetendo Virtual Boy

You may have tried many gaming consoles. But have you ever thought of a gaming console that behaves like a robot? The Ninetendo Virtual Boy was a gaming console that was made available only for six months. No doubt, it was quite efficient in aiding you to play video games, but at the same time, it was running low in the case of the game library and was also unable to display the 3D graphics for massive fun.

2. Pop Up ads

Just imagine working on your website and getting frustrated just because of the recurring pop-up ads. These ads are beneficial only in advertising certain products, but they start to bother the users after some time. No one can ever afford to lose time just by getting involves in such pop-up advertising ads. Plus, they can also lead to the exposure of fatal viruses.
3. Electrical Facial Masks

No doubt, beauty conscious people are always in search of innovative methods to get clear skin. But have you ever thought of utilizing electricity to treat you better? Never, no one can ever imagine that. However, these electrical masks are beneficial to some extent, but they can lead to certain dangerous diseases.
4. Hacking

One of the most disastrous inventions of modern technology is the availability of different hacking software. Hackers worldwide are using such software and get detailed information about the authorities’ confidential affairs. People are suffering a lot in this manner.