5 Innovative Techniques to Use While Creating Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

5 Innovative Techniques to Use While Creating Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

The cosmetic industry is immensely saturated and competitive, which makes it difficult for a brand to stand out among a massive sea of driven brands. There are lots of brands in the market that produce quality cosmetics but still got lost into the sea of cosmetics just because of not focusing much on their packaging.

If you are afraid to experience the same and strive to bring your brand to the spotlight, then check out these fantastic innovative techniques that will help you make your packaging out of the box and forerun your brand in this overcrowded cosmetic world.

Focus on Each Layer:

You have to know the layers of packaging. Just like you start your makeup in layers, you have to divide its packaging into segments. Like for your makeup, you begin with a primer, then follow up with foundation and end with the setting powder, same is the case with packaging. You have to first consider its outer packaging, then the inner packaging, and then comes the product packaging.

The outer packaging is what draws the customers to consider buying your product; your Cosmetic Packaging needs to be extremely eye-catching and should have all the information that a customer needs to know about the product that it is containing.

Inner packaging is what actually carries your product and offers an unboxing experience to the customers. So it must be nice, sturdy and user-friendly.

Then comes the product packaging, which is equally important. You cannot afford to ignore the appearance of your beauty product, be it a lipstick or a foundation or whatever. If customers don’t find it appealing, they would probably not buy it again.

Use Innovative Materials:

Brands these days are experimenting on innovative materials for the packaging of their products. It gives an exclusive feel to your product and lets the customers experience something unique and new. And if the material is sustainable, it’s like a cherry on the top.

Following are some of the innovative material options that you may consider for your product packaging:

•    Kraft: It is a highly durable material with an eco-friendly and recyclable nature.

•    Compostable Paper: It is a recyclable and compostable material and is waterproof.

Both of these materials are sustainable and increase the shelf life of your products while giving the customers a sense of satisfaction that your brand is conscious of environmental health.

Design Them Unconventionally:

Now comes the designing part. If you want to grab maximum customer attention, then do not go with the trend but make a trend. Customers get attracted to things that look unique and unusual to them. So make unconventional designs for your Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes that no one has ever seen. The most important thing to remember while designing them is to make sure that they embody your brand personality. You should also know how important cosmetic packaging in marketing. Choose is the colors and themes that complement your brand values and the nature of your products. You may go with floral prints, or warm earthy tones, or minimalist pastels or a pop art but make certain to opt the one that stands in line with your brand’s aesthetics.

Convey the key Message:

You have to make sure that the focal point of your packaging carries the key message, which instantly tells the customers what product you are offering and why they should purchase it. Including your ultra-selling points on the face of the packaging is the best option. These USP’s maybe a special ingredient that you are using in your product, your eco-friendly approach, or something that sets your brand apart from the rest. After finalizing the design and everything that needs to appear on the face of your packaging, go for unique printing options like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, metallic, or raised ink printing or give them a 3D effect to attain exceptional digitization.

Make it Reusable:

Making your packaging reusable for the customers can make a big difference in your sales. For instance, the cotton pads holder can be reused as a storage container, or the empty eye-shadow palette can be turned into a jewelry organizer. These small favors are cherished by the customers as it helps them make the most out of their packaging while reducing wastage at the same time.

One misconception that many brands have is that they perceive the Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes as an expensive packaging solution.  But in fact, all the money is worth it when you get endless benefits from them. The best thing is that you can get them at reduced rates when you buy Custom Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale.