Having a Floating Dock

6 Benefits of Having a Floating Dock

Do you own a boat? If so, perhaps you are quite familiar with docks. Without a dock, you cannot board your boat. Of course, you do not want to lower your boat into the water using a trailer every time you use it. It’s just tedious. There is a ...

Festive Gift Guide for the Whole Family

A Festive Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Are you beginning to rack your brain for creative gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas?The key to Christmas present success is personalisation. Let your loved one know that you’ve gone above and beyond this year and put a lot of effort ...

Child Care Centre

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting A Child Care Centre

Selecting a day care facility for your child is a big deal. Before you can even think about dropping them off at day care, you need to feel 100% comfortable with your choice. But what exactly should you consider before making your final ...

Ride-Sharing Accident

Ride-Sharing Accident: Protect YOU!

By way of a simple tool such as a cell phone, you can have a personal taxi at your doorstep in a manner of moments. Whereas it was the norm to call and request one by means of a landline phone, private or public, the calls are now modernized to ...

Homeowner Is Not Serious About Selling

How to Tell If a Homeowner Is Not Serious About Selling

Doesn’t matter if you’re a real estate entrepreneur or an experienced real estate agent, noticing if you’re working with a homeowner/seller who isn’t entirely committed to selling a property isn’t an easy task but with some tips and experience ...

Basic Income

Handy Gives you Reasons to Consider Universal Basic Income

Introduction The aim of a universal basic income is to eliminate poverty by covering the basic cost of living. That’s why it is also known as guaranteed minimum or citizen’s income. However, whether such a process is sustainable in the long run ...


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