It looks like 2020 is going to be an epic year for revolutionary gaming tech. As the year starts, some significant companies announce their newly designed and soon released gaming gear. There are new processors, simulators, gaming desktops, laptops, and of course, so much anticipated new consoles.

We have collected various exciting and super interesting new releases to keep you up to date with what we could look forward to in 2020.

Origin PCs Big O Gaming Console

Origin PC released a gaming console concept last year called the Big O, which includes a PC Xbox one X Play Station 4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch dock. This Frankenstein console features a cryogenic cooling system, two terabyte SSDs for faster gameplay, and storage USB 3.0 extension cables. The Big O allows gamers a more comfortable transition between gaming systems at a more affordable price.

Razors Kishi

Razors announced the razor Kishi which is supposed to be a universal gaming controller that connects to most Android and IOS devices. As mobile gaming technologies continue to rise in popularity worldwide, razors release a welcome announcement. The controller is being advertised as having a universal fit, thanks to an adjustable belt on the device’s back. The belt stretches to fit your phone looks similar to Nintendo switches when connected, making it easy to travel with yet comfortable to carry and control.

Nintendo Switch

With all the comparisons, new gaming technology is drawing to the switch we had to include the most exciting rumored launch of a new switch model in our list. Nintendo announced plans to develop control with improved battery life. A magnesium alloy system and an update to CPU. Though the actual development in the detail of the device that is working on is unclear, we want to know a magnesium alloy body does, though.

But who doesn’t need a long battery device to play all day? The battery issue is widespread nowadays, and Nintendo Switches offer their services to solve your problems. Games like Agen Judi Online are one of those you can never get over. And all you desire is an extended battery time device to play your favorite game.
Last year the world spent more than a hundred billion dollars on gaming gadgets. And it is pretty obvious because the world is coquetting every possible technology which will make us stunned.